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4.5 Feather Flag

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Our dye sublimation process is a unique and superior method for printing flags and fabrics. Unlike other methods of printing, the actual fibres of the material are dyed rather than ink simply being applied to the surface. The result is vibrant colours and durable flags.

When a flag or fabric is surface printed you only get good colour on one side, whereas with the dye sublimation method the colour is vibrant on both sides. This is really important with flags as they are viewed from both sides when flying.

Our Feather flags are manufactured from high quality polyester fabric and finished to a high standard with fittings, ready to fly.

With our extensive knowledge, skills and technology, we only produce high quality products. All our products are printed, finished and tested in-house by our expert teams, which results in a flag that you will be proud to fly.

Applications: display areas, car forecourts, entrances, car showrooms, exhibitions, sporting events, and all kinds of experiential areas.