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Flag Accessories

Flags are a fantastic way of displaying your company branding and attracting the attention of potential customers, especially when you have a limited amount of space. The fact that they are lightweight, quick to assemble and easy to transport makes flags an excellent promotional tool, suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

At Exhibit Express, we stock flags in a range of different styles, including crest, feather and quill, all perfect to help your business stand out from the crowd. We also stock a variety of flag accessories, including ground spikes, wall brackets and a number of different bases.

Ground Spike

Ideal as a temporary fixing for all types of soft ground, including
grass, sand or even snow.

Drive Over Base

Simply drive a car wheel over the base and your ready to go, ideal for outdoor events such as car shows.

Water Filled Base

Probably most versatile base we sell, can be used safely on almost
all surfaces.

Concrete Base

A more semi permanent option,
extra weight from the concrete base provides additional stability.

Wall Bracket

Perfect for securing your flag to a vertical surface, simply install, adjust the angle and your ready to go.

Square Base

Best suited to smooth ground such as exhibition halls, where the low profile prevents a trip hazard.