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Crest Flags

Flags are a fantastic way of displaying your company branding and attracting the attention of passers-by, especially when space is at a premium. Quick to assemble, lightweight and portable, flags are easy to transport, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.

At Exhibit Express, we stock crest flags in a range of different sizes, all designed to help give your next event the wow factor. To make sure your flag looks just right, we give you two options for your visuals: you can either upload artwork to our site, or create your own using our unique design functionality.

2.8 Crest Flag

Our smallest crest flag, a pole size
of 2.8m makes it the ideal choice
for indoor as well as outdoor use.

3.4 Crest Flag

Our medium crest flag has a pole size of 3.4m, perfect for outdoor
and larger indoor spaces.

4.5 Crest Flag

With a pole size of 4.5m our large crest flag is best suited to an outdoor display environment.

5.6 Crest Flag

A pole size of 5.6m ensures the largest of our crest flags adds real impact to any outdoor space.